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Reseach shows wild Alaska salmon and other seafood may be beneficial to brain health.

Visit the link in our bio to learn the reason. 🧠 #AskForAlaska

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Get the party started with this Alaska salmon dip – it'll be ready in ten minutes (or 20 with a quick pickle).

Recipe by @OhCarlene and link in bio. #AskForAlaska

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Wild seafood comes from the wild waters of Alaska. ...

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Boat life is the best life. Just ask any Alaska fisherman.

📸: Jesse Ranke

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How do these Alaska salmon burgers make you feel? Drop an emoji in the comments to let us know. ...

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This Alaska halibut recipe by @ACalculatedWhisk is next level. Visit the link in our bio to learn why. #AskForAlaska ...

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Being an Alaska fisherman includes an appreciation for fresh fish, clean air and salt water. #AskForAlaska ...

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Salmon run wild in Alaska. You can travel the globe and won’t find a scene as special as the annual return of Alaska’s salmon.

📸: Ivy O’Guinn

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No 👏 oven 👏 necessary 👏

This Alaska surimi #seafoodsalad will be your new secret weapon for an easy summer meal. Learn more from @EatWellWithSari in our bio. #AskForAlaska

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Canned Alaska salmon is a guarantee for a good meal. It's rich with omega 3’s, a strong source of protein and sustainably sourced.

See how @OhCarlene prepares this recipe in our bio! #AskForAlaska

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Why does it matter to #AskForAlaska?

Choosing Alaska means supporting the hardworking men and women who take pride in their boats and businesses providing the world’s best wild seafood.

📸: @axel_peterson_productions

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